Prophylaxis or Mild-Moderate - Inpatient


Prophylactic antibiotics are not routinely indicated in immunocompetent patients. Prescribe prophylaxis only if patient has risk factors for developing deep infection.

Risk Factors

Patient Risk Factors: advanced age, diabetes, immunocompromised 

Wound Risk Factors: penetrates muscle, injury through shoe, grossly contaminated, retained foreign body

Duration of Therapy

Prophylaxis: 3 - 5 days

Mild-moderate infection: 5 - 7 days Consider 7-10 days if follow-up not available and multiple risk factors for developing deeper infection

First Line Regimens (Tolerates PO)

  • Cephalexin shares structural side chains with penicillins.

  • If severe PCN allergy, use cefdinir



First Line Regimens (IV)

Does not share any side chains with penicillins, okay to use in PCN allergy


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