No current signs/prophylaxis - Inpatient

No current signs/prophylaxis - Inpatient


Prophylactic antibiotics are not routinely indicated in immunocompetent patients

Prescribe prophylaxis only if patient has risk factors for developing infection

Risk Factors

Patient risk factors: elderly, diabetes, chronic renal/liver failure, immunocompromised

Wound risk factors: visibly contaminated, jagged wound, deep - into the muscle, wound length >5 cm, width > 1 mm deeper (beneath subcutaneous layer), lower extremity location, presence of foreign body, intra-oral wounds

Duration of Therapy

3 - 5 days

First Line Regimen (Tolerates PO)

  • Cephalexin shares structural side chains with penicillins.
  • If severe PCN allergy, see below

First Line Regimen (IV)

Does not share any side chains with penicillins, okay to use in PCN allergy

PCN or Cephalexin Allergy Alternative

Does not share any structural side chains with penicillin or cephalexin