Pediatric COVID-19
Required and Recommended Consultations

Required and Recommended Consultations

Clinical Pharmacist

  • Required for all pediatric patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 for whom treatment is being considered.
  • Several of the recommended treatment options are expensive, under EUA, difficult to obtain, or are in short supply. Pharmacists can help with acquisition of certain, rarely used medications. Pharmacists will also manage anticoagulation for patients in which anticoagulation is indicated.

Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Required for:

  • All pediatric patients <12 years with COVID-19 for whom treatment is being considered
  • Unusual presentations where COVID-19 is being considered in the differential
  • Patients being treated on research protocols
  • Patients with concerns for cytokine storming (consider if CRP escalating or >7.5) to discuss treatment options


Any pediatric patient with COVID-19 for whom immunomodulators (i.e., anakinra or tocilizumab) are being considered


Consider if concern for cardiac dysfunction


Consider based on VTE risk