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Spectrum of Activity


General Information

C. difficile colitis

Expensive, can be >$1,000 out of pocket

Specialty Pharmacy can assess financial aid options for patients, follow instructions in link below to send discharge prescription to Specialty for review 


Note: process must be initiated 2-3 days prior to discharge. Financial assistance covering the full cost to the patient is not guaranteed.

  •  GI disturbance
  •  Cytopenias
  •  Hypersensitivity: facial, tongue or throat swelling

Restricted to the following;

  • Confirmed CDI by testing
  • Recurrent/repeat infection (at least one episode at any point in the past 10 years), OR
  • 1st episode with high-risk for recurrence
    • Age ≥ 65
    • Severe CDI (WBC ≥ 15 and/or Scr > 1.5 mg/dL or 1.5 x baseline)
    • Immunosuppressive disease or medication
    • Requires a chronic PPI
    • Requires concomitant systemic antibiotic therapy (>5 more days from time of CDI dx)
  • Duration restricted to 10 days or Extended Pulse regimen. Longer durations require ID approval.
  • Fidaxomicin may be prescribed by ID per their discretion

Instructions for assessing financial assistance options: Dificid-Specialty-Rx-Instructions

Antimicrobial class: Specialized anti-C. difficile macrocyclic agent

Pregnancy category: B

Urine penetration: None

Lung penetration: None

CSF penetration: None

Biliary penetration: None