Empyema/Parapneumonic Effusion

Empyema/Parapneumonic Effusion


  • Exudative effusion
  • pH >7.2
  • Gram stain & culture negative

Generally resolves with treatment of pneumonia and does not require modification of pneumonia therapy

  • Loculated
  • pH > 7.2
  • NOT frankly purulent
  • Gram stain & culture may/may not be positive

Requires drainage

  • Frank pus
  • Gram stain or culture often positive, but may be culture negative

Requires drainage

One of:

  • Pleural protein to serum protein ratio > 0.5
  • Pleural LDH to serum ratio >0.6
  • Pleural LDH > 0.6 x the upper limit of normal for serum LDH


Uncomplicated Parapneumonic Effusion

  • Same organisms as CAP or HAP

Additional Information

Guideline originally sourced from Island Health and adapted by Joseph Brant Hospital

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Approved: April 2020