Salmonella - nontyphoidal

Salmonella - nontyphoidal


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General Information

Aerobic Gram negative rod

Humans/animals are the reservoir (i.e. reptiles - turtles/lizards, transovarial transmission in chickens-> eggs).

Fecal-oral transmission or ingestion of contaminated water/food.

  • Food-borne illness
  • Infectious colitis
  • Intra-abdominal abscess
  • Bacteremia and endovascular infection (endocarditis, infected atherosclerotic plaque/aneurysm)

Generally a self-limited illness which should not be treated with antibiotics.

Treat if immunosuppressed/bacteremic, high fever, or hospitalized.

Food handlers require proof of clearance prior to returning to work.

Routine Practices; however, consider contact precautions for incontinent adults if stool cannot be contained or for adults with poor hygiene who contaminate their environment. 

Contact precautions apply to children who are incontinent or unable to comply with hygiene.