Staphylococcus aureus (Gram Positive Organisms)


Good (70 to 90%)
$0.45 (PO) $5.28 (IV)


General Information

  • Anaerobic infections above the diaphragm, especially dental infection
  • Gram positive skin and soft tissue infections including necrotizing fasciitis as an adjunctive agent to a beta lactam for reducing toxin production
  • Skin & soft tissue infections involving susceptible MRSA
  • Susceptible infections and surgical prophylaxis in setting of IgE mediated beta-lactam allergy
  • For decreasing toxin production in toxic shock syndrome
  • None specific
  • Monitor for diarrhea
  • Muscle relaxants, e.g., atracurium, baclofen, diazepam.
  • St. Johns Wort

IV Administration: Doses up to 900 mg: dilute in 100 mL D5W or NS and administer over 30 min.

Capsules can be opened and administered via NG route; Liquid formulation also available.

OPEN BENEFIT (PO): No prescribing restrictions

Antimicrobial class: Lincosamide

Pregnancy category: B

Average serum half life: 2.4 hours

Biliary penetration: Therapeutic

CSF penetration: Poor

Lung penetration: Therapeutic

Urine penetration: Poor