Drawing Blood Cultures

Drawing Blood Cultures

Step 1

Confirm patient ID and print labels

Step 2

Wash hands and don gloves

Step 3

Apply tourniquet to locate vein

Step 4

Clean with CHG swap (Prevantics)

Step 5

Scrub for 1 minute, dry for 30 sec

Step 6

Remove Caps from culture bottles and disinfect with alcohol swab

Step 7

Use a 20 mL syringe with 21-gauge needle for adults

Step 8

Using aseptic technique, attach needle to syringe

Step 9

Perform venipuncture and collect 16-20mL

Step 10

Safely dispose the needle and attach blood culture transfer device to syringe

Step 11

IF air in syringe, let air get to top of syringe

Step 12

Fill anaerobic (purple) bottle FIRST with 8-10 mL

Step 13

Fill aerobic (blue) bottle SECOND with 8-10 mL

Step 14

Invert bottles 4-5 times to mix thoroughly