Spectrum of Activity


General Information

  • PO with or without food
  • In patients requiring NG/OG tube use, dissolve powder from capsules in 20mL of sterile water and flush tube with 10mL sterile water after

Treatment and prophylaxis of influenza

Influenza positive patients with symptoms in last 48H

  • Signs/symptoms of unusual behavior including self-injury, confusion and/or delirium
  • Critically ill patients: Repeat rRT-PCR or viral culture to determine on-going viral replication
  • GI upset common
  • Headache
  • Hepatitis
  • Rare - Stevens Johnson
  • Neuropsychiatric side effects reported
  • Clopidogrel may decrease Tamiflu concentrations
  • Probenecid may increase Tamiflu concentrations
  • May enhance anticoagulant effect of warfarin

Antimicrobial class: Antiviral - Neuraminidase inhibitor

Pregnancy category: C

Average serum half life: 1-3 hours

Lung penetration: Therapeutic

Higher doses (150mg PO BID) have not been shown to be superior but may be considered in critically ill or obese patients.