Spectrum of Activity


General Information

PO only

  • Administer with or without food
  • Suspension needs to be removed from refrigerator 15 minutes prior to administration. Shake well before use

C. difficile colitis

Tier 4 Protected Antimicrobial

  • Last line option, uncommonly used based upon susceptibility data, may rarely be used for special scenarios.

    • Strategies used: ASP Prior Authorization for Non-formulary, Prescriber-based restriction, Outpatient use.
  • May be ordered by an ID physician for the defined use-criteria, if specified.

  • If a non-ID prescriber orders a restricted antimicrobial, Pharmacy will contact the prescriber to notify him or her of this status and to select vancomycin PO.

  • If the restricted antimicrobial is necessary or is a continuation of a home medication, the prescriber must place a consult for an ID specialist to assess the necessity of this antimicrobial. Once the consult has been placed, Pharmacy will dispense the medication.

  • These agents will be monitored by the ASP/Pharmacy and utilization/compliance reported quarterly.

  • Assess for effectiveness of treatment
  • Assess for hypersensitivity
  • GI disturbances (Nausea especially)
  • Skin rash
  • Cytopenias
  • Hypersensitivity: facial, tongue or throat swelling

None to report

Antimicrobial class: Specialized anti-C. difficile macrocyclic agent

Pregnancy category: B

Biliary penetration: None

CSF penetration: None

Lung penetration: None

Urine penetration: None

Consult Infectious Disease