Spectrum of Activity


General Information


  • Infuse slowly over 1-4 hours
  • Monitor for extravasation and thrombophlebitis
  • PO dosing with meals (no high-fat or dairy products) to decrease GI upset
  • Ensure patient using PO drinks 8 oz. of water or more and sits up for 30 minutes to prevent esophageal irritation


  • Reconstitute vials with 10mL of SWFI (concentration 10mg/mL)
  • Further dilute in 100-1,000mL of D5W or NS to final concentration 0.1-1mg/mL


  • D5W or NS. Not tested in LR
  • Skin and soft tissue infection
  • Community acquired pneumonia
  • Malaria prophylaxis
  • Zoonotic infections
  • Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus infections

Tier One

  • Narrow spectrum, possible transition for discharge, IV to PO
  • Strategy: total EBM duration set (inpatient and outpatient)
  • CBC, renal and liver function tests periodically with prolonged therapy
  • Test for cure in 7 days if used to treat gonococcal infections
  • Infusion site for phlebitis
  • GI upset
  • Erosive esophagitis
  • Photosensitivity rash
  • Teeth staining
  • Vulvovaginal candidiasis
  • Divalent cations - decreased absorption
  • Increased digoxin levels
  • Increased INR with warfarin
  • Some anticonvulsants can decrease doxycycline levels
  • Enhanced nephrotoxic effects of methoxyflurane
  • Enhanced neuromuscular-blocking effect of mecamylamine
  • Enhanced adverse effects of Retinoic acid derivatives

Antimicrobial class: Tetracycline

Pregnancy category: D

Average serum half life: 18 hours

Biliary penetration: Therapeutic

CSF penetration: Poor

Lung penetration: Therapeutic

Urine penetration: Therapeutic