Acute Cystitis

Acute Cystitis


Asymptomatic bacteriuria or pyuria (leucocytes in urine) does not need treatment except in risk groups such as pregnant women, patients undergoing urological interventions and post kidney transplant patients


An infection/inflammation involving the bladder, a part of the lower urinary tract. It is a common manifestation of uncomplicated UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) in non-pregnant women.

Uncomplicated cystitis is less common in men and needs to be differentiated from prostatitis and urethritis (sexually transmitted).

  • Dysuria (pain and difficulty in passing urine)
  • Urgency of passing urine, frequent passing of small amounts of urine
  • Suprapubic pain and tenderness
  • Pyuria/haematuria (pus/blood in the urine making it cloudy)
  • Foul smelling urine
  • There may be retention of urine in severe infection

  • Midstream urine: urine analysis for protein, blood, leucocytes, nitrates, sediment
  • Culture and sensitivity (if resistant/repeated infections)

Symptoms ± leucocytes and/ or nitrates at urine analysis

  • Women: vaginitis
  • Men: urethritis (in young sexually active patients), prostatitis (fever, chills, malaise, perineal pain, confusion, in older men)