Treatment According to Presentation

Inpatient Management

  • Private room with door closed. Limited staff, at foot of bed

  • Compressions and O2 only after patient’s head is draped

  • Use non-rebreather mask at 15L

  • Bring 1st round of meds into the room

  • PEDS or DELAYED INTUBATION (at code leader’s discretion):

    • BVM with FILTER and TIGHT SEAL (need 2 providers to bag)
  • Follow COVID intubation algorithm

  • See Emergency Response policy for details and Code Anesthesia.

  • All Patients upon admission to hospital must be tested per current protocol

  • If Positive-admit to COVID Floor if symptoms of COVID-19 or positive COVID test within previous 10 days

  • If initial testing is negative and symptoms consistent with COVID admit as PUI and follow up with COVID COORDIATING TEAM rounds

  • If negative no symptoms and exposure (ie from PUM facility or community exposure) admit to PUI unit and follow PUM protocol

Treatment for hypoxic symptomatic COVID Positive patients upon admission:

  • Corticosteroids

  • LMWH (if not already anti-coagulated)

  • Remdesivir (if within 10 days of symptom onset)

  • Convalescent Plasma (requires blood product consent)

For details see treatment guidance above

Time and symptom based removal of isolation (all 3):

  • 10 days elapsed since onset of symptoms

  • Improvement in symptoms (shortness of breath)

  • No fever x 72 hours

May extend up to 20 days for immunocompromised or critically ill. Isolation should not be greater than 20 days

*repeat testing is discouraged as a means removal of isolation

**In certain circumstances, ID/IC may remove isolation earlier than above based on CDC guidance

Palliative Care x76662 COVID Coordinating team (9-5 M-F): 475-289-4202

  • Staff wears mask and eye protection

  • Patient wears mask and clean cover linen

  • Disinfect surfaces handled during transport

  • Transporter does not wear gown/gloves during transport

  • For patient contact during transport:

    • Additional person may wear gown/gloves for patient interaction

Medical-Surgical Units Only