Neutropenic Fever

Neutropenic Fever

Clinical Information

The following recommendations are for patients at high risk, admitted to hospital

Defined in neutropenic patients is a single oral temperature of ≥38.3°C (101°F) or a temperature of ≥38.0°C (100.4°F) sustained over a one-hour period

Defined as an absolute neutrophil count less than 500 cells/microL

Drug of Choice

  • Adjust for renal dysfunction


For the following conditions:

  • Skin or soft tissue infection

  • History of MRSA

  • Pneumonia

  • Refractory hypotesion (ie septic shock)

  • Obvious infection of a venous catheter

  • Will need Stewardship approval

Alternative Treatment

In severe penicillin allergy (anaphylaxis) or cephalosporin allergy (most patients with penicillin allergy will tolerate cephalosporins):

  • Adjust for renal dysfunction

  • Will need Stewardship approval


  • Per protocol

  • Will need Stewardship approval


Consider ID consult if:

  • Septic shock

  • Persistent fever >72 hours