C difficile risk
Oral Bioavailability
Good (70 to 90%)


0 - 2 kg2.1+ kg5 mg/kg/dose IV q12h5 mg/kg/dose IV q8h

0 - 1.2 kg1.2 - 2 kg2+ kg5 mg/kg/dose IV q12h5 mg/kg/dose IV q8h5-7.5 mg/kg/dose IV q6h

Dosing IV to PO Conversion600mg IV q8h (max: 40 mg/kg/day)600 mg IV q8h to 300 - 450 mg po q6h

General Information

No restrictions for pediatric treatment

Some preparations of Clindamycin injection contain benzyl alcohol, which has caused gasping syndrome in neonates.

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