Skin & Soft Tissue Infection
Simple Cellulitis

Simple Cellulitis


Cellulitis is caused by Strep > Staph

If it looks like erysipelas, it is almost certainly caused by Group A Strep

Erysipelas is infection confined to the superficial epidermis and lymphatics

It is bright red, painful - “burning”, sharply demarcated, with a raised edge and induration

Classic areas include the face and bridge of nose, but often occurs on the extremities, particularly in the setting of lymphatic damage

Recurrence is common

Blood culture low yield unless there is SIRS

SIRS = Two of:

HR>90, RR >20 or PaCO2 <32, Temp >38 or <36, WBC >12 or <4

Bilateral lower limb cellulitis is rare- consider venous stasis or dependent rubor.

The redness of cellulitis should NOT resolve with elevation of the limb.

Reassess Therapy on Day 3