Acute Cholecystitis - Severity

Acute Cholecystitis - Severity

Surgical opinion required for definitive management (i.e. cholecystectomy, cholecystostomy)

Bile for anaerobic C&S should be obtained unless mild uncomplicated acute cholecystitis

All of the following:

  • SIRS criteria (Two of HR>90, tachypnea, Temp >38 or <36, WBC >12 or <4),
  • Suspected/confirmed infection,
  • At least one new organ dysfunction (hypotension, elevated lactate, AKI, acute lung injury, DIC, neurologic or hepatic)

A non pre-existent infection occurring ≥ 48 hours after hospital admission and/or within 90 days of discharge from a health care facility or regular outpatient visits (eg. dialysis or chemotherapy).